Strand Brewers Club

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Strand Brewers Club - jaacarson - strandbrewersclub-236.gif
Rives Borland
South Bay Brewing Supply
2nd Wednesday of Every
1311 Post Ave

The objectives of the organization are to brew beer; to disseminate among the members information pertaining to the brewing, consuming, presentation, judging, and history of beer; to promote home brewing of the freshest and highest quality beer; to promote and encourage homebrewing competition; and to foster general goodwill throughout this great nation of ours for the making and consuming of beer.

It is the policy of the SBC to brew and consume beer strictly for fun. Under no circumstances does the SBC support or condone in any manner the sale or barter of homebrewed beer, the operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol by a member or by any participant in any club event, or the provision of alcoholic beverages to minors.


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