Prairie Homebrewing Companion

We were organized and affiliated with the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) by four local homebrewers in 1990. The club continues to grow and has over 50 members.

Membership in the PHC is based loosely on an interest in beer and brewing. Some of our members have never made a beer. We range from extract brewers to all-grain and even people who have been professional brewers.

What is the PHC about?

It is the intent of the PHC to encourage and instruct its membership and the beer-drinking public in developing a healthy attitude toward beers. We try to help other beer lovers improve their tasting skills and brewing techniques, share recipes, and equipment innovations or techniques.

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    C'mon...anyone? Don't tell me I'm in this big state all by myself! I know there's the SOBs (Society Of Brewers), but I'm not sure if they're disbanded now. Just hoping to find a fellow brewer here

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