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Niagara Association of Homebrewers - BrokenDog -
Adam Deso
Alex Placito
15+ years ago
Crazy Jakes, North
Tonawanda, NY
Business meeting on the
4th Tuesday of every
month, social meeting on
the 2nd Tuesday of every
month at a rotating bar in
the greater
Buffalo-Niagara region
New York
Erie, Niagara
3 meetings and a love of

For the Niagara Association of Homebrewers it's all about great people, great fun and great beer. NAH prides itself on being a brewing club, not just a social drinking club. All of our members are active homebrewers. Some make a couple of batches a year, some make dozens, but they all love homebrewing. We share our skills with each other and we learn from each other.

We meet once a month at a public venuefor a business meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month (sign up for our mailing list to receive emails on the monthly location of the club). We meet once a month for a social meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at a rotating bar in the greater Buffalo-Niagara region. We also have several large social events per year. These are open to guests with some being family friendly as well.

The Niagara Association of Homebrewers was started about 15 years ago. We have become a central focus in the homebrewing community. NAH members have become the leaders in teaching homebrewing in the Buffalo / Niagara area. We are also active in the community providing volunteers in all of the fund raising beer festivals including the Buffalo Brewfest, the Art of Beer and the Beerology at the Buffalo Science Museum.

We have a large number of certified beer judges, including 8 National level beer judges (more than some states in the country!). We hold beer judge classes every couple of years to help those that want to achieve that goal. Our members form the core of the Amber Waves of Grain Homebrew competition: the largest in NYS and one of the largest in the country. We also have members that run the New York State Homebrewer of the Year competition. We also put on an annual smaller competition in the fall exploring The Many Sides of Beer (2011: Dark Side of the Beer; 2012: Light Side of the Beer) in order to help train new judges and to fill the dearth of competitions during the fall season. In addition, our many judges help to judge at numerous other area homebrew competitions.

Your level of participation in the educational and volunteer activities of the club is up to you. However, we hope that everyone participates in as many events as they can.

To join you need to attend three regular meetings or special events. This gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of the membership and for the members to meet you. During these meeting the general membership is looking to see you have that spark to contribute to the mission of the club. We have no "mold" to fill. The membership is diverse on many levels. Our bond is homebrewing. What we have learned is that most true homebrewers are great people. They are socially responsible and caring. So that is what we look for, good people who have a desire to learn and share. On your third meeting you are installed as a member of the club as long as there are no objections by the general membership. You will find it a pleasant process. And as soon as you are a member you are part of the process.



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