Las Cruces Desert Quenchers

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Las Cruces
New Mexico

Our membership contains a wide spectrum of homebrewing interest and expertise, so if you’re a total novice, mad scientist, or anywhere in between, you will fit very nicely into our club. As a group we teach the beginners, and learn from the advanced, in our quest to make the best beer possible while promoting responsible consumption.

Although we don’t have a standard meeting date or location, we always meet once a month on a Saturday, usually at 2 PM. Most of our gatherings consist of food, home brewed beer, and lively conversation. All attendees are encouraged to bring some homebrew and/or food to share with other members. A style focus for each month is posted on our web page, and an entire schedule can be found in the files section of our Yahoo group.

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  • Las Cruces, NM brewers ! ?

    I will be moving to the area soon and wondering if we got any homebrewers out there ? Also how is the water for brewing there ?

  • New Mexico Newbie here

    Just bought the equipment and will be cooking up my first batch this weekend. Not looking forward to the long wait to taste the finished product though. Hope it is worth the wait.

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