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Who says things go out of date . I have just made and almost drunk now! Some Barley Wine of which the Malt and Yeast were 9 Years out of date !! - yes that was Nine 9 Years out of date , and it all worked perfect :-)

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  • crazy julian date code?

    The Cooper's English Bitter I brewed yesterday gave their modified Julian date as "13514". Meaning the 135th day of 2014? One calculator I tried gave a calendar date of November 17, 1895! Another even

  • Perlick 1 tap tower, 5lb Co2 tank (date still in code), and more

    I live in Chesterland (rural east Cleveland) and I'm purging some of my extra brewing equipment. Let me know if there's anything here you might need. Interested in bundling everything for a discount.

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