Railroaders Brew Club

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Terry Duke
Vinie Jones
Varies around Omaha - See
6:00 PM
Monthly, usually last
Monday of the month.
Optional $60/year includes
T-Shirt and Monthly
Contest Prize Eligibility
Yes, though meeting venues
most often are for 21+.
Paid: 25, FB Members: 183
Attend one meeting and
speak to a club officer.
None. All skill levels
welcome, from tasters to
master brewers. :)

The Railroaders Brew Club is Omaha's premier homebrew club!

From the RRBC Founder, Brian Schlueter:

Learn and experience the art of home brewing… Whether you’re a first time brewer or seasoned brewer, there are always new things to learn…

Our meetings encourage the fellowship of brewing, tasting and developing our favorite home brew! We have fun judging our beers and keep our talents sharp. Usually every month we have a tasting contest. We also participate with the local breweries in brew-fests and events throughout the year.


It’s all about Beer!


We host and participate in upwards of 20 events each year.

Our monthly club sponsored events are themed to a particular style of beer chosen well in advance so our members can plan and brew accordingly. We award prizes based on the scoresheets filled out by our taste testers (club members and anyone else who wants to taste our brew) consisting of (at minimum) a $20 gift certificate to Cornhusker Beverage, our official sponsor homebrew supply store in Omaha.

We also have a Best Damn Beer competition at each monthly open to everyone (non-club members too!) with no style restrictions. Though we don't offer a physical prize to the winner of the BDB category, most winners are pleased to know they brewed the beer most enjoyed by the crowd that night. :P

Additionally, we have several group brewing events, or "Patio Brew Days" each year to bring our brewers together to share in the fun of creating the malty goodness we enjoy, as well as share techniques, tips, and tales.

During our club brewing events we also brew larger (20 gallon) batches of brew based on recipes created by ingredients our brewers contribute to the club. This series of beers is called our "Golden Spike" series and is commonly used to pour for our large public tasting events.

Speaking of public tasting events, the RRBC also participates in many events during the year to include: Extreme Beerfest, the Great Nebraska Beerfest, and many more.

Our Monthly Club Competition Schedule for 2012:
January - Open Category
February - Extreme (>7%)
March - Irish
April - Lagers
May - Mead
June - Single hop/single malt
July - Farmhouse
August - Open Category
September- German lagers
October - From the garden
November - Imperials
December - Open Category

Some of our monthly club event venues include:

Nebraska Brewing Company

The Lauter Tun

Moonstruck Meadery


Brass Monkey

So what are you waiting for?? Come on out and join us for one of our monthly events, or stop by our website or facebook page and check us out! 

If you have any questions, please contact our club VP and official HBT representative, Terry Duke, at terry@railroadersbrewclub.com or see our official RRBC website or our RRBC facebook page.

We look forward to enjoying some homebrew with you!


- Terry Duke

- Vice President, Railroaders Brew Club
- terry@railroadersbrewclub.com


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