Buffalo Brew Club

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1 (888) 569-1642
Bill Tucker
Bill Tucker
Arizona Hops and Vines
1500 - 1600
1st Sunday of every Month
3450 Highway 82
United States

We're a hoppy bunch of home brewers and beer enthusiasts who celebrate the magical alchemy of mash, water, and yeast. The Buffalo Brew Club is named after an old western drinking game. The story goes that back in them olden days, cowboys didn't want to be caught dead (literally) with a beer in their shooting hand, so they drank with their off hand. Sharp-eyed buddies who caught their friends drinking with their good hand would shout, "buffalo!" and the unfortunate cowboy would have to drown the whole brew and start a new beer.
We meet on the 1st Sunday of every month at 3pm at Arizona Hops & Vines in Sonoita. We talk beer, taste beer, and sometimes have a featured brewer who comes down and shows a beer or two or talks about his/her ingredients or techniques.

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  • Buffalo Brew Club

    For those that might find themselves in southern Arizona. There's a new club that's started up called the Buffalo Brew Club or BBC. We'd love to have you join us. Linkey :rockin:

  • Buffalo Brew Club anyone?

    Testing the waters for interest in starting a brew group in the city of Buffalo. I live in the Allentown part of the city and finally after years of wanting to brew I have the equipment and time to s

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