Athens Homebrew Club

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Chris Raubenstraw
Varies. Formal tasting
usually starts at 6 PM.
1st Saturday of the month
$35 for full membership.
Free to come learn and
enjoy beer with others.

Come enjoy some great beer with great people in or around our beautiful area of Athens, Ohio. Bring some homebrew or an interesting commercial beer that you want to share. We also encourage people to bring a dish, if they can, to munch on while we are all drinking.

A formal tasting is done at the beginning of most meetings. We pick a style, try commercial/homebrewed examples, and then talk about them to help others practice their "chops" at judging. A BJCP guideline will be printed out while we talk about it which helps evaluate the style.

A yearly fee of $35 for dues will get you an Athens Homebrew Club T-shirt, a tasting glass, and the ability to attend the monthly tastings for free. If you do not want to pay dues but still want to attend the formal tasting, we ask that you give $5 for the beer that we are tasting. You may also just come to the meetings for free and enjoy what others have to offer.

"Like" us on Facebook or Email us at to find out monthly locations for the meetings. Feel free to message me on HBT as MedicMang with any questions or comments. Hope to see you at the next meeting. Prost!

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    Hey guys. It's Chris. Anyone else from the Athens Homebrew Club a part of this forum? Just curious.

  • Messing up beer on purpose for education.

    Hello to everyone that sucks at brewing. Joke. I am el Presidente of the Athens Homebrew Club in Ohio. I am wanting to expand peoples minds into exactly what certain off flavors taste like. I am looki

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