Temperature Issues Beyond Reason
Temperature Issues Beyond Reason
Early this morning I brewed a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. This is the first 12-gallon batch on "my" system. I possess a 14.5 gallon conical fermenter, so why not fill it? Since it was my first big batch, it was not ...
My First Year
My First Year
This morning I walked in to my "brew (fermentation) room", the fourth bedroom filled with accumulated junk, elated with the very lovely aroma of beer brewing only to find that the ceiling and walls were covered ...
My First Mead
My First Mead
My name is Christopher J. A. Saint Germain. I am a photojournalist for the Army National Guard. I have been in the active military for most of my adult life and never have had the chance to start brewing. I've never lived ...
Brew Like Jazz
Brew Like Jazz
Have you ever considered how much jazz and brewing have in common?Both are art forms that evoke a sensory reaction across the spectrum from unpalatable to exquisite. Both are robust enough to invest decades into their stu ...
Comparing Two-Row and Six Row
Comparing Two-Row and Six RowIt seems to me that a lot of homebrewers stay away from using 6-row barley as a base-malt, but the question is, do they know why? There seems to be a near ubiquitous lack of knowledge as to th ...
Part 2, Brew Pots
Of my old (stove-top) system, I salvaged a 10 Gal Polar Ware Pot. I use it for heating sparge water. It has worked well and is well worth the cost, although if I could go back in time I would have purchased a 15 Gal pot i ...
A Home for my Brew
Well, this isn't the beginning of my brewing experience. I have 15 Gal of mead & melowmels as well as 5 Gal of an extract Amber and 10 Gal of All Grain beers behind me. Somehow all of them have came out sucessfuly ...
'Swamp Coolers' and temperature control
as many of you know, i'm a very active member here on the HBT forums. it's one of my favorite things to do to pass the time between brews. in fact, i enjoy few things more than talking beer with everyone here. one of the ...
'cool' temperature ale fermentation
i've seen a lot of posts recently with the OP asking if his/her fermentation temps are too low. most of the time, their ambient temps are a bit low, but considering the exothermic properties of fermentation, they're actu ...
Kegerator Build
I used a GE WMR04BAPBB 4.3 CU Foot compact fridge. Approx. Dimensions (H×W×D)32 3/4 H x 20 1/2 W x 21 D.I read through many pages of different kegerator builds. I used this fridge because I had it at work and ...