Belgian Wit Brew Day

I actually brewed this over a month ago, but I wanted to make sure that I documented it well and began writing down my thoughts for all of my brews. I’ve had the notes and pictures since the day I brewed and just never got around to formulate the thoughts properly and post to HBT until now.

This really wasn’t intended for other’s eyes, so the notes may seem very random (however it makes sense to me).

Anyways, here it goes:

Belgian Wit

Recipe Specifics
Batch Size (Gal): 5.5
Total Grain (Lbs): 10.25
Anticipated OG: 1.048
Anticipated FG: 1.010

2.5 lbs of Flaked Wheat
3 lbs of White Wheat
4.75 Belgian Pilsner Malt

0.50 oz. Cascade (Pellet, 5.0% AA) @ 30 min
0.50 oz. Cascade (Pellet, 5.0% AA) @ 5 min

0.50 oz Cracked Coriander @ 15 min
0.50 oz Orange Bitter Peel @ 15 min

White Labs Belgian Wit Ale 400

Mash Schedule
60 min @ 150 F

Brewed 6/2/2011

– Oxicleaned everything for 2 hours prior to brew session

– Setup iodine solution in bucket for all my sanitation needs. To make sure I don’t waste too much iodine on the carboy, I like to only pour water to fill about 1/4th of the carboy and place it on its side for about a minute.

– After that minute, I rotate the carboy approximately 90 degrees every minute (until I’ve made a full 360).

– 3.5 Gallons of water for the mash – 1.37 qt per lb

– 165 degree strike temp – 45 degree grain

– Used paint stirrer in mash. Looked kinda foamy. Hopefully no HSA.

– Put the mash pot on ground to cool the bottom. Uneven temps again.

– 4.5 gallons of water heated to 190 in second pot.

– Add water to the mash to bring up to 170 for mashout.

– Cool sample of wort to read pre-boil gravity
Apparent 77.53% efficiency
1.040 @ 65 degrees pre-boil
I need 6 gallons of wort after boil to hit the 1.048 OG
Perfect for the 7.2 gallons I’ve retrieved

– Threw in the first batch of hops at 38 minutes to hopefully increase bitterness slightly (accommodating for the higher than anticipated SG)

– 27.5 minute mark, the wort is down to 6.5ish. Good progress

– Cooled to 80 degrees in 15 minutes.

– Stuck the beer in the fermenter at 12:30 am evening of the 2nd(actually the morning of the third)

– 1.047 SG – pretty close to the number.
Will be 4.5% if I hit the 1.010 FG

– Rapid fermentation by 6pm on June 3rd
– Forgot to use the 5.2 ph addition
– FG 1.010 on Sun June 12
– Looked like yeast was still working (6-12), however, the beer was already at 1.010 so I began to cold crash.
– Removed temp probe from the carboy for the cold crash.
– 6-16 @ 6 PM- Kegged the beer. Put the PSI to 31 @ 35 degrees. Plan to keep it at this pressure for 3 days.
– 6-19 @ 10pm – dropped pressure to 12 PSI. Overcarbed right now. Should only have @30 PSI for 48 hours or so next time.
– Also, need to remove beer line while @ high pressures. Lost half a gallon or so to the beer line leaking.

Many other pictures taken

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