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Food and Beer Pairings – Ploughman’s Lunch

The ploughman’s lunch, historically, is pub fare. A plate consisting of: bread, cheese, pickles, and cold meat, maybe an apple, boiled egg, and some butter and, of course, a fine ale. Marketed in the mid-century by the Cheese Bureau of the U.K. as a way of promoting and selling cheese after WW II rationing had… Read more »

Food & Brew Pairing #1: Pan Seared Salmon with American Wheat Ale

Pan Seared Salmon with American Wheat Ale Hello, my name is Matt O’Reilly and I’m a HOMEBREW ENTHUSIAST! I have been brewing for a little over a year, but I have been drinking beer for a little over 15 years. Of those 15 years, 8 of them have been spent pursuing new (to me, or… Read more »