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Harvesting Yeast from commercial bottles

I’ve been posting about this topic a lot lately, it seems that many brewers want to harvest yeast from some of their favorite commercial breweries. some really good craft breweries bottle condition a few of their brews with what seems like a gift to us home brewers. Rogue and Bell’s are the two that immediately… Read more »

‘Swamp Coolers’ and temperature control

as many of you know, i’m a very active member here on the HBT forums. it’s one of my favorite things to do to pass the time between brews. in fact, i enjoy few things more than talking beer with everyone here. one of the more common topics i see popping up on the forums… Read more »

‘cool’ temperature ale fermentation

i’ve seen a lot of posts recently with the OP asking if his/her fermentation temps are too low. most of the time, their ambient temps are a bit low, but considering the exothermic properties of fermentation, they’re actually fermenting right in the desired range for the yeast they’re using. occasionally the OP is actually fermenting… Read more »