3: Batch#1: Brew Night

As mentioned in the previous entries, I’m brewing a kit of Brewer’s Best Dunkelweizen

So things went pretty much according to the instructions in the kit.

I took a handful of pics but wish I had a few more of the steps and a good shot of the OG reading.

(1) Activated Wyeast 3333 German Wheat yeast packet 3 hours before intended usage. At same time, put 1 gallon of spring water in fridge for later cooldown during final water add/dilution/top-off.

(2) Sanitized everything with a solution made from a C-bright powder pouch that came with the True Brew kit.

(3) Poured 2.5 jugs of the spring water into the pot and heated to 155F.

(4) Began steeping the chocolate and munich malts. Temperature fluctuated between 155-165F over the 20 minute steep. Color showed very quickly.

(5) Pulled steeping sack out of pot and set into measuring cup to drain and add back later. Did not rinse.

(6) brought up to rolling boil with frequent stirring.

(7) Warmed up Bavarian Wheat LME while waiting for boil.

(8) Once boiling, added LME, rinsed LME container with hot wort, added maltodextrin, all with constant stirring to avoid bottom scorching. Kept Boiling.

(9) Added Willamette bittering hops and boiled for 40 minutes. Added drainings from steeping sack.

(10) Added Cascade flavoring hops and boiled for 20 minutes.

(11) removed pot from heat and began cooling pot in sink of cool water. Water changed several times to quicken cooling.

(12) Dumped wort out of pot and into 7.8 gallon fermenter bucket. Added water jug out of fridge plus two more to bring level up to 5 gallons.

(13) Stirred solution, poured some into hydrometer tube and set in fridge. Later measured Original Gravity at 65F. Temperature corrected OG = 1.061

(14) Added Wyeast pack and stirred.

(15) Put lid on with airlock, added water to airlock, and threw in closet.

Fermentation temperature fluctuates between 68-72F. Its bubbling along nicely now 24 hours after starting primary fermentation.

I can’t possibly exaggerate how much easier the little digital thermometer with an alarm made things.

I’ll put up more info, an intermediate gravity, and more pics when I transfer to secondary.

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